In CashMore, we have referral and non-referral options across our five (5) membership package:

Membership Package Registration Fee Benefit
Diamond Member ₦10,000.00
  • 20% Commission
  • 100 Reward Points
  • 10 Generation Referrer Dept
Gold Member ₦7,500.00
  • 20% Commission
  • 75 Reward Points
  • 8 Generation Referrer Dept
Silver Member ₦5,000.00
  • 20% Commission
  • 50 Reward Points
  • 6 Generation Referrer Dept
Bronze Member ₦2,500.00
  • 20% Commission
  • 25 Reward Points
  • 4 Generation Referrer Dept
Basic Member ₦1,000.00
  • 20% Commission
  • 10 Reward Points
  • 2 Generation Referrer Dept
How to make money with CashMore Non-Referral Option:
  • You earn 20% commission of your registration fee immediately you register.
  • You earn 2% of all recharges you do either on your line or other people's line.
  • You earn 10% on all data purchases either on your line or other people's lines.
  • You earn N40 cashback on all TV-cable subscriptions.
  • You earn from 0.4% on all team members recharges for life.
  • You earn from 1% of all team members data purchases for life.
Benefits from CashMore Referral System:
Referral Bonuses:
Your registration bonus 20%
Direct referral bonus 20%
2nd level 10%
3rd level 5%
4th level 2.5%
5th level 1.5%
6th to 10th level 1% each

All packages come with point values. These point values show your standing and determine what you are entitled to. Everyone that comes under you directly or indirectly as your downline adds points to you,these accumulate and turn to rewards for you.

  • 100 pv
  • 75 pv
  • 50 pv
  • 25 pv
  • 10 pv
Awards Based on Point Value

Anytime members aggregate these points below, they get corresponding awards in that month.

10,000 points ₦50,000.00 cash
25,000 points ₦100,000.00 cash
60,000 points All Expense paid trip to Dubai or collect N500,00 cash alternative
100,000 points N2 Million first car award
250,000 points N3 Million first house fund award
500,000 points N4 Million second car award
1,000,000 points N6 Million second house fund award

Please note:
All the points building up to these awards come by team efforts and can be reached anytime at your own pace.

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